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Dojang : place where one trains (house of discipline)
Gong-kyok :   Offense
Hosinsool : self-defense
Mukyum : Meditation
Kihap :   Yell
Jung shin yuk : mental strength, or martial art spirit (also “moodo jung shin”)
Jung shin dong il :  concentration of the mind
Jung shin soo yang :   development (training) of the mind
Jung do : the “right” way (correctness of action)
Sim shin dahn ryun : mind and body discipline
Chung myung kwon : development (training) of the body, mind, and spirit
Chi shik : knowledge of mind and thoughts
Heng dong : execution (action) of the body and its techniques
Pil seung : certain victory
Il sok pil sai : one strike must kill
Ho hyoop :     Breathing
Shim ho hyoop : breathing control (deep breathing)
Himm : force or power
Chi : life-energy
Dahnjun : the centre of your “ki”
Bokboo : the stomach area where “ki” is generated.
Choong sim : center of gravity
Chojum : focus (focal point) of your energy
Jeung ga : increase (to strengthen or augment)
Kyuk pa : breaking (the art of breaking boards, bricks, and tiles)
Shibum : demonstration (or exhibition)
Pyugi :  Stretching
Ye jol : Etiquette
Jon gyung :  Respect
Choong sung : loyalty (also “eui ri”)
Jung jhik : Honesty
Kahjok : Family

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