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Charyeot :  Attention
Joonbi : Ready
Bahro : return to starting position
Dwiuro dorah : about face
Dorah : Turn
Elosoh :               Stand
Komahn : stop (also “mum cho”)
Geuk gi hyang ha yoh :  face the flag
Jwa woo hyang woo : face each other
Sahbumnim keh : face instructor/master
Sunbaenim keh : face senior student
Simsa kwan nim keh : face examiner/tester
Dobok dahnjung :  fix your uniform
Dhee dahnjung : fix your belt
Hai sahn : class dismissed (also “hae cho”)
Jonglee : line up (also “ji hap” and “jung yul”)
kyong ye : Bow
Ahnjoe : Sit
Kool o angi : kneel (kneeling)
Bahro angi :   sit in lotus position (yoga posture)
Bahl bah kwah : switch your stance (switch your feet)
Kooryung op see : in your own time
Seijak : Begin
Shiuh : Relax
Kalyeo : break (or stop)
kae sok : Continue

Caricatures by Lucy
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