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Grading Dates

License renewal.

We will inform you when your license is due for renewal.

Forms are to be in 2 week before your license expires.


Dan Promotion Nov 8th 2015 Doncaster

Black belt Dan Grading, 8th November 2015 at the Dome. 

Congratulations to Carlos and Tom on achieving there 4th Dan with the WTA under Master Gary Sykes 7th Dan.

Well done to all that attended the "Onesie" training session on Thursday. Photos to follow in the Photo page.


1st Nov 2013

Tom Potts

British Nationals Manchester 2013

Well done to all that competed in the Nationals This weekend. Three fighters three medals.

Michael Bronze, Hayden Bronze and Danisha Silver.

The club came 40th out of 81 clubs not bad for a first attempt. Looking for better things next year.



Grant Funding

I have applied to the local Police team for a grant for the club, £2,500. This will be used to get a set of mats to form a sparring area, we will also get some new equipment for the club.


This was not Granted, but they have passed our name onto other providers who may help us.


If any one has any ideas on how to raise funds, let me know.


We have a meeting with a company to discuse funding, more info to follow.


This company has offerd us some raffle prizes for future events.



21 Aug 2013

Black Belt Grading

Well done to Antony and Michael for achieving two good passes in the Dan grading exam at Doncaster on 7th July 2013.




14 July 2013.

Red V Blue Barnsley

Well done to all that competed at the Red V Blue Open in Barnsley. A good day for the club as we came away with 1 x bronze (Danya) and three Gold medals (Hayden, Danisha and Gabby). Good comments from other coaches. "Our club looks to be fighting better now"

Well done all.


24 June 2013 


Dartfish TV

I have put a link to Dartfish tv on the link page, this is a training aid for Taekwondo, it is videos of all basic moves used.



19 June 2013

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Black Eagle

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