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Kyorugi :  (free) sparring
Han bun kyorugi : one step sparring
Doo bun kyorugi : two step sparring
Sae bun kyorugi : three step sparring
Bahn ja yu kyorugi : semi free sparring
Machu oh kyorugi : arranged free sparring
Jeon : round (competition segment)
Shihap : bout or match
Jeum : Point
Shi gan : time out
Keum bahk : out of bounds
Kyong go :  Warning
Gam jeum : deduction of point
Shil kyuk : Disqualification
Boo sang : Injury
Seung : Win
Bi kim :  Tie
Chung : Blue
Hong :     Red
Hin :  White
Jajun bahl : use of footwork to dodge a technique
Nachugi : body evasion by “ducking”

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