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Common Phrases

Ye : yes (also “ne”)
Anio : No
Kahm sa hamnida : thank you
Komap sumnida  : less formal form of “thank you”
Cheon maeneyo : you’re welcome (literally “Don’t mention it!”)
Cheuk ka hamnida : congratulations!
Ahnyong hasimnika :  How are you? (literally “Are you well?” or “Are you at peace?”)
Ahnyong hasayo : less formal form of “How are you?”
Yoboseyo : hello (used on the phone or to get someone’s attention; literally “Please look here!”)
Ahnyonghee gasipsiyo : good-bye (to the person who is leaving); literally “Go in peace!”
Ahnyonghee gyesipsiyo : good-bye (to the person who is staying); literally “Stay in peace!”
Ahnyonghee gasayo : less formal form of “good-bye” (to the person who is leaving)
Ahnyonghee gyesayo : less formal form of “good-bye” (to the person who is staying)
Pangap seumnida : Pleased to meet you!
Toh poepkeseoyo :  See you later!
Eoseo osayo : Welcome!
Choesong hamnida : I’m sorry
Mian hamnida : less formal form of “I’m sorry!”
Shillye hamnida : Excuse me! (asking forgiveness for an impolite act)
Kwaen chanayo : That’s all right
Ahlge seoyo : I understand
Moreuge seoyo : I don’t understand
Chaemi isseoyo : It is fun (or interesting)!

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